Our Team


I. Joshua Dorfman, PhD
Founder | Head of Research and Strategy


Josh holds a doctorate in economic anthropology. He has spent more than a decade analyzing the ways rapid economic changes in China affect decision-making at the individual, institutional, and governmental levels. As the head of research, he tailors the methods of data gathering to meet the specific needs of each project. He oversees all research and analysis to ensure that the OTM team produces the highest-confidence recommendations and adheres to the highest ethical standards.

David Shomaker
Head of Business Development

David is the founder and CEO of Dawei Awesome, one of the largest privately-owned swim schools in southern China. Based in Shenzhen, he has a wide-ranging entrepreneurial resume, with current ventures in sports management, media production, and event planning. He has spent more than a decade mastering how to work with the Chinese (and also how not to). As the head of business development, David uses his wealth of on-the-ground knowledge to foster strong international business relationships at a time when US-China relations are increasingly contentious.

Shelley Xueying Chen
Head of Impact

Shelley is the co-founder and CEO of Una Business Cards, a graphic design company that works with university students to create and promote their professional brands. She was born in China and educated in the United States. She uses her cross-cultural perspective to build strong international relationships. As the head of impact, she focuses on the ways entrepreneurship can improve societal problems, economic opportunities for marginalized groups, and foreign relations. She also serves as our lead translator and interpreter.

Tom Hindeman
Head of Materials

Tom is the CEO and lead machinist at Visual Engineering, LLC. He has more than four decades of experience using CAD/CAM software to create highly accurate engineering models and prototypes for many of the world’s leading companies. As the head of materials, he uses his deep industry knowledge to improve our clients’ decision-making at all stages of the prototype-to-product manufacturing process.

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