I am a doctoral student in cultural anthropology. I have spent the better part of a decade trying to better understand China, specifically how the emergent market economy is shaping and being shaped by Chinese citizens. The purpose of this blog is to disseminate information I have gathered both from a broad range of cross-disciplinary research, and from my own fieldwork. I have included citations whenever possible, which link either to the works cited page or to external open-access articles. I hope that all visitors to this site find my efforts useful. I greatly appreciate your support and comments.

My doctoral research focuses on how private Chinese citizens have begun to start businesses to address the many problems facing rural migrants in China’s urban centers, particularly how their tenuous legal status denies them access to good-paying jobs, social services, and education for their children. In a country often characterized by an authoritarian government, local corruption, and materialism, it is particularly interesting to find this type of “social entrepreneurship” in China.  In this context,  such a phenomenon offers a unique window onto the motivations for individuals to take ownership of local problems, and may help those outside China to find common ground with the Chinese.


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